M4 is our main product and the core in different customer solutions

What is Medrave M4

Medrave enables practices to work with quality improvement through its intuitive and clear dashboards. With our long experience in primary health care, our dashboards have evolved to help the care provider focus on what is really important. Drill-down capability to the level of individual patients is a key factor to our success

Primary Care

Our base product providing statistics as well as clinical indicators for an individual healthcare practice, enabling quality care

Tailor-made data exports

Monthly reports and progress charts built according to care provider needs

Export to National Registries

Automatic compilation of data allows swift and accurate reporting to national registries according to pre-defined protocols

Outpatient Mental Health

Mental health is increasingly more and more important. With similar design as the primary care dashboard, we have developed a dashboard to fit the specific needs of outpatient mental health

Remuneration Support

Enhancing the practice to achieve remuneration-related targets