Medrave Software AB - Background

Medrave Software AB is a Scandinavian enterprise with 15 employees distributed within Sweden and Norway, including two physicians, ICT engineers and developers. Our main product, Medrave M4, is an information system that collects clinical data from the various electronic medical records (EMR), and swiftly creates reports reflecting the present clinical performance as dashboards in the form of graphs and tables.

The first edition was created in 1996 by a handful of doctors in Stockholm who wanted to establish a standard tool that easily extracted activity data for statistical use from a clinical perspective. The product has evolved extensively through the years, now featuring version 4, always in close dialogue with our users. We now count more than 4800 physicians, and roughly the same amount of nurses using the software.

The system provides insights on the state of affairs in a number of clinical areas where providers feel a great commitment to perform up to evidence based standards. It also provides operations managers an updated picture on performance indicators for clinical and strategic management purposes, but also for reporting to various parties.

Information is instantly available to the manager and care providers at their computers. Data are easily searchable and illustrated to facilitate understanding. Standard reports, with the ability to make their own selections from the patient population, searches, make print-outs, or save the data in the form of spreadsheets. Data may also be collected and sent to the quality registers within a matter of seconds, saving precious time. The application is designed to capture data from all medical records with a standard installation. The main purpose of Medrave M4 is quality improvement work, but can also be used for other feedback objectives.

Our CEO stated in a recent presentation: “Our newest version is hi-tech intelligence at its very best! You will be able to save a substantial amount of time and money collecting data with medrave4 for the core business: health care. We know it is difficult, practically impossible, to get an overview of the activities otherwise. Difficult tasks become a lot simpler, and, above all, more enjoyable!”

We hope to have the opportunity to present our product to you at some time, in order to improve quality and efficiency. The application is currently available in Swedish, English, Norwegian, Dutch, and can swiftly be translated to other languages as well.

The team


Svein Gjelstad

CEO - Norway

+47 92 090 973

Björn Jacobson

Vice President

+46 70 201 26 56

Daniel Vinberg

Head of Development

+46 8 512 514 90

Support team

Daniel Paulsson

System technician

+46 8 512 514 96

Jenny Rennemo Lundqvist

System technician

+46 8 512 514 98

Melina Shamlou

System technician

+46 8 128 962 00

Atle Magnusson

System technician

+46 8 128 96 203


Olof Larsson

System Developer

+46 8 512 514 93

Arvid Hellström

System Developer

+46 8 512 514 94

Joel Ayvazian Forsgren

System Developer

+46 8 512 514 95

Martin Andersson-Tenninge

System Developer

+46 8 128 962 01

Jens Magnusson

System Developer

+46 8 512 514 92