Medrave Prisma, Our benchmarking solution

How does the Prisma platform work?

The Prisma platform is a separate platform for cloud services based on aggregated data. The platform aims to compile data at a higher level than that in the M4 platform and to enable comparisons, so-called benchmarking between units. Examples of customers are regional management or management in corporate groups, but the platform is also used in hybrid with the local M4 platform to make the best of both worlds available to the local user. Prisma is well suited as a hub for data collection from systems that are spread both geographically and in different EMR-systems. The platform's current products require a local M4 platform as data source, but a clear line is drawn between the level of access to patient data where only aggregated data is handled outside the M4 platform. The Prisma platform is a basic prerequisite for primary care quality to exist. This set of over 250 standardized indicators enable primary care actors can compare themselves to each other and find ways to learn each other.

Several use-cases

The Prisma platform also has a lot of use-cases to highlight how variations in health-care give different results. This way Prisma can present which is the best way of working. The platform has a lot of use-cases such as quality reports, product planning and other types of sophisticated analysis, for example, visualisation of resource effective health care.