Medrave M4 is our main platform and is the core to our different solutions

How does Medrave M4 work?

The M4 platform can be integrated with most record systems. Once an integration is created, the platform can easily be installed locally on the customer's server. With the platform in place, you can quickly and easily add different M4-based products adapted for different specialist areas in healthcare. Here, personal data is handled securely within the customer's internal network on the customer's own server. The products are built with wide medical knowledge and experience within the field. The M4 products compile data into information that can help you to prevent complications and to assure that guidelines are being followed for patients with chronic illness. The product also enables users to benchmark different health centres and to work with a continuous improvement process. All data in M4 is automatically updated on a daily basis, which makes the data reliable and saves resources that would be spent on manual and time-consuming labour. Medrave makes it easy to query data for print or to be saved in formats such as excel. The platform is flexible with applications where different health branches can utilize information for its development, such as:

  • Health centres
  • Emergency centers
  • Rehabilitation
  • Habilitation
  • Psychiatric care
  • Pediatrics
  • Child-welfare centres

Safe management of the patient’s data

Medrave use a separate platform for benchmarking, Prisma, where only aggregated data is held. This way classified patient information never leaves the customers network. Medrave abides by GDPR.