Why Medrave?

Proven solutions and sensitive data

Medrave M4 has been developed since 1996 and is used today by a wide variety of specialists and health centres. More than 85% of Sweden's health centres use Medrave M4 as a tool to get an overview of quality and production of its operation. We have fixed principles that all patient data shall remain on the health centres own servers. Our systems are installed locally and no confidential data leaves the customers network.

Safer care, save time and get a better overview

The data is compiled and is categorised after, for example, risk. This makes it so you as a caregiver get a clear supervision over which patients that need a follow up. The data is collected automatically, something that is normally very time-consuming. You can also easily find patients, for example, for a study. The data is presented in tables and diagrams, etc. Visualization makes it easy to analyze, control and get a good overview.

Easier to reach goals and get correct reporting

You get a base to work with reaching the goals of the unit and to follow up improvements. Those who participate in benchmarking i.e. Prisma can also compare data regionally and nationally to see if the unit is deviating from the national standard. You can easily export your own reports with current data, but also get automatic compilation of data to SKR.

High-level service and affordable

The cost of the system is easily repaid through its quality improvement. Through more patients receiving better care and the system being more cost-effective saves funds both locally and nationally. We abandon you after your purchase. Our support team gets continuous praise by our customers and is one of the most appreciated parts of our service.