A Cornerstone in Quality Improvement

By providing IT-supported services Medrave enables health care organizations
to excel in efficiency and quality


Visualize your practice

Medrave enables practices to work with quality improvement through its intuitive and clear dashboards. With our long experience in primary health care, our dashboards have evolved to help the care provider focus on what is really important. Drill-down capability to the level of individual patients is a key factor to our success

Drilldowns and history charts

Identify critical patients

The system enables identifying individual patients with elevated risk of complications and provider compliance to standard protocols, but also allows practices to benchmark with peers elsewhere, via aggregated results

Adaptability and flexibility

Works with any EMR

Our application can be used with practically any EMR system. It displays identical, intuitive, dashboards regardless of EMR system. So far, we have been able to master 18 separate EMR systems in 4 different countries

Clinical clarity in medrave4

"Medrave was implemented widely in our primary care in 2010, and became much appreciated. The old EMR systems were replaced a few years later and a general belief was that a more centralized, modern EMR, and our in-house data warehouse would make data extraction and visualization easier to manage with internal resources. After some years of struggling with various extraction tools we found that the inherent logic and clinical clarity in medrave4, and its simplicity of use, was very difficult to replace. Last autumn we decided to bring in medrave4 again, and it is now – after an implementation time of 3 months - back as an appreciated improvement tool."

Anders Olsson
Planning and follow-up Manager Open Care
Landstinget Värmland

Innovative, swift and agile

"To whom it may concern
SALAR works out of a conviction that benchmarking is inspirational and serves as a base for local quality improvement work.To make this possible SALAR coordinated an initiative in 2015 called Primary Care Quality Sweden (PCQS), inviting the various professional groups in primary care to participate and contribute to a dataset of quality indicators reflecting the broad spectrum of primary care.The aim is to motivate local practices to share their data, on an aggregated level, to a regional and national benchmark database managed by SALAR. The aim is also for the practices to be able to follow their local achievements in a detailed manner, to individual patients.So far we have identified 82 indicators, evidence based and broadly accepted, and we are finalizing an additional amount to be implemented later this year."

Ulrika Elmroth
Project manager PCQS, Departement for healthcare, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions SALAR

Swift and attentive supplier

"In Örebro region, we introduced medrave4 January 2016 to our 30 primary health care centers.We find Medrave being a swift and attentive supplier, both in the implementation and roll-out process and also regarding any support questions.Medrave are quick in picking up and managing to implement our improvement suggestions, and has become an integrated and non-replaceable part of our clinical quality improvement process."

Jan Rosengren
controller, Health care support
Region Örebro
National initiative

Primary Care Indicators

Together with SALAR, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, we visualise the Primary Care Indicators as defined by SALAR. Collection and anaylizing care data from more than 700 health care centers over the entire country in one app.

For more information about Primary Care click here

Words from our CEO

"We know it is difficult, almost impossible, to get an overview of the health care. With medrave the difficult tasks become a lot simpler and above all, more enjoyable!"

Use with ease on any device


Medrave is a web-based program and as such it is compatible on any device